Our Australian Shepherds

Welcome to Dry Creek Puppies! Here each of our Aussies are apart of our family, and like all family members they each have their own personalities. To better get to know our babies we wanted to share a little bio of each!

First is Dallie Mae is our Red Merle girl that's full of energy. Whether we are hiking or spending the day at the farm she is ready for the adventure! Dallie Mae is ASDR/ASA registered Minature Australian Shepherd at 17inches and 32lbs.

Dallie Mae running around playing!

Sweet blue eyed Dallie Mae.

Our next girl Willow!

Willow is our youngest up and coming girl. She has never met a stranger! She loves to people, animals, and playing fetch! Willow is an ASDR/ASA registered Minature Australian Shepherd at 18inches and 50lbs.

Willow, lover of toys, food, and friends of all kinds!

Sophie is our next girl! Sophie is our largest Aussie with a heart to match her size. She loves other dogs, and wants nothing more than to please us! Sophie is an ASA registered Standard Australian Shepherd at 20inches and 53lbs.

Sophie who has the biggest heart.

Our red tricolored male, Rusty is next! Rusty is one of our lower drive Aussies, and Cole and I call him my shadow!

My sweet shadow, Rusty!

He loves to play outdoors, but if you give him a chance he is in my lap. Rusty is the best boy! Rusty is an ASDR/ASA Miniature Australian Shepherd at 18inches and 35lbs.

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